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Rose (薔薇) is a fighter from Capcom's Street Fighter games. She is the first Italian fighter to be introduced, as well as the third playable female character in the series. Her Mortal Kombat rival is Ermac.

In Street FighterEdit

She is a fortune teller from Genoa that sensed Doomsday was approaching. She defeated M. Bison, sensing him as a great evil. Upon encountering him a second time, she learned that she and Bison share a soul. He channeled his soul into hers, making Rose his temporary host. He eventually left her body, leaving her to continue looking for the one to defeat him, which turned out to be Ryu, whom she had to fight to make him wait until the right moment.

Rose is level-headed and superstitous.She is characterized as mysterious, appearing only under consequence, not physically strong herself, she uses magical attacks to aid her in battle.

Two Worlds CollideEdit