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I shall grind beneath my heel, all that exists!



Oni is a secret character in the Street Fighter series. His Mortal Kombat rival is Shinnok. He can be fought as a secret boss in Arcade Mode, as well as being a playable character. [3] Oni is in fact, Akuma, who has let Satsui no Hado consume him to the point where he has discarded humanity and has lost his moral code as a warrior who will kill anyone in a fight, and has taken the form of a full demon instead of a half demon. His Mortal Kombat rival is Inferno Scorpion.

Depite his large size, Oni is incribibly nimble and swift.

Note: This character should not be mistaken as Shin Akuma, even though both have very close similarities to each other, such as being a more powerful and violent form of Akuma.