Juri... That power... That eye... She's no ordinary fighter. She is an untamed animal who seeks to destroy and consume all that enters her sight...She has altered her own body in her insatiable quest for power. She respects no law. No morality. She does whatever it takes to achieve her goals and quench her limitless thirst.



Juri Han (ハン・ジュリ / 한주리) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She made her debut in Super Street Fighter IV. She is 22 years old (as of Super Street Fighter IV) and is described as being an "evil, mean, and nasty" member of S.I.N. who is a main character in the storyline. The character was created by request of many Korean fans who wished for Capcom to add a Korean character in Street Fighter, something already established by SNK and Namco. Juri is the first South Korean character, the first Taekwondo user and the first true villainess in the Street Fighter series. Her Mortal Kombat Rival is Sindel.