Johnny Cage is a Hollywood movie star. Originally entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to display his fighting skills and prove himself to skeptical movie critics and the movie-viewing public, who believed Cage was nothing more than an actor who relied too much on stunts and camera work and not a real proficient fighter. Eventually, Cage becomes one of the most important defenders of Earthrealm. Though he occasionally lapses into his former selfish and materialistic ways, he has always been a brave and loyal warrior for Earthrealm.

In MK 2011, Johhny joins in the tournament, saving Sonya from Kano and helping Liu Kang achieve victory. Throughout the story he loses his "big bad actor" personality and gains the outlook of a hero. He is one of the few Earthrealm warriors that survive Sindel's attack. Johnny seems to have a minor crush on Sonya, flirting with her throughout the game.