Happy Chun-Li

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Street Fighter II

Fighting Style

Tai Chi

Chinese Kempo (SFIV)


Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Guile


M. Bison, Juri, Crimson Viper

Other Info

Likes Candy and Shooting, Born in China on March 1, Weight is a secret

Chun-Li ( チュンリー) is a character creates by Capcom for the Street Fighter series. She was the first female playable character to appear in a 1 on 1 Fighting game, becoming one of the most iconic female gaming characters of all time. She may not be one the physically strongest, but she more than makes up for that with her sharp determination and her blinding speed. Her Mortal Kombat rival is Kitana.

In Street FighterEdit

Chun-Li was introduced as an Interpol investigator, searching for clues to the recent death of her father. Encountering M. Bison,the head of an evil crime syndicate known as Shadaloo, she learns he was her dad's killer and swore vengeance after her defeat. Her revenge came in the form of bombing Shadaloo's base in Thailand. Teaming with Guile and his fellow lieutenant, Charlie. They each planted bombs around the base and rushed out, Charlie apparently losing his life in the process. While she was sad about losing a life, Chun-Li was happy she could bring down Shadaloo's evil organization. She later recieved word of Shadaloo's return, she teams up again with Guile, and Cammy to discover Bison's fate. She becomes caught in the S.I.N. (weapons division of Shadaloo) base during it's self-destruction, but was rescued by Guile and Abel. She later tells Guile that she is no longer just fighting for her father, but also for herself.

Chun-Li is very cheerful in personality, and a beautiful young girl at heart. However she takes her job as part of the Police interpol very seriously and will do anything to complete her mission. Like Ryu and Ken, Chun-Li aspires to be stronger and improve her skills (possibly to impress Ryu). During the development, Chun-Li was originally described as 'a cheerful young lady who worships Ryu as her hero or idol', but this concept was later given to Sakura.

Two Worlds CollideEdit