Cammy (キャミィ) is a character created by Capcom for the Street Fighter series. She was the second playable female in the series, following Chun-Li. She is considered one of the "Femme Fatales" of the series, quickly becoming one of the most popular due to her attractive figure, strong personality, and expert fighting skills. Her Mortal Kombat rival is Sonya Blade.

Little is known of her past, except that she was nothing more than a souless doll until Dhalism made her self-aware. After confronting M. Bison she learned that she was a clone of him, posessing a small portion of his psycho power. Cammy enventually was released of Bison's power and emerged as an independent human being. Since then Cammy has joined Red Delta, a British special forces team. She has proved herself a valuable asset, investigating and uncovering several S.I.N. plots.

She continues to fight for her individuality, and refusing to live in her terrible past.

Two Worlds CollideEdit